AI Development Portfolio

Axix Technologies pioneers the realm of artificial intelligence, specializing in Generative AI and advanced Machine Learning/Deep Learning solutions. With a passion for innovation, we craft intelligent software that pushes boundaries. Explore our portfolio for a showcase of our expertise in harnessing the power of AI to transform ideas into intelligent, forward-thinking applications.

360 Face Vision

Introducing 360 Face Vision, a revolutionary attendance software that transcends traditional methods. Leveraging cutting-edge AI and facial recognition technology, 360 Face Vision ushers in a new era of streamlined workflows and unparalleled accuracy.

Effortless Recognition in a Flash

Gone are the days of swiping cards or punching in codes. 360 Face Vision identifies employees in under a second with unparalleled precision. It's as seamless as a friendly smile.

Unprecedented Scalability

With the capacity to enroll a staggering 50,000 individuals, 360 Face Vision caters to businesses of all sizes. No matter your workforce, 360 Face Vision adapts seamlessly.

Eradicating Buddy Punching

Say goodbye to the archaic practice of buddy punching. 360 Face Vision's advanced anti-spoofing technology ensures only authorized individuals are clocked in, eliminating fraudulent practices and boosting data integrity.


Payroll Made Simple

Streamline your payroll process by integrating 360 Face Vision with your existing systems. Accurate attendance data translates to effortless payroll management. is a revolutionary financial data platform designed to empower investors of all levels with real-time stock streaming, in-depth analytics, and powerful forecasting capabilities., Track the pulse of the market with real-time data on top international companies. Leverage a variety of intuitive graphs and charts to visualize market trends and identify hidden patterns. utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to generate 10-year stock forecasts, providing valuable insights for your long-term investment strategies.

Real-time Stock Streaming

Stay ahead of the curve with live updates on stock prices, market movements, and breaking news for leading international companies.

Advanced Analytics Dashboards

Gain a deeper understanding of market trends through our user-friendly dashboards. Visualize key metrics with interactive charts and graphs, allowing you to identify opportunities and make strategic decisions with confidence.

AI-powered Stock Predictions (10 Years) leverages cutting-edge AI technology to generate 10-year stock forecasts. These forecasts, while not guarantees of future performance, provide valuable insights to help you plan your long-term investment strategy.

Cross-Company Comparisons empowers you to compare the performance of various international companies side-by-side. Analyze key metrics, growth patterns, and historical data to make informed investment choices and build a well-diversified portfolio.

Unlock the Power of Targeted Content with KeyEra

Struggling to identify the perfect keywords for your content? Look no further than KeyEra, your one-stop solution for AI-powered keyword extraction. Discover the most relevant and impactful keywords within your text, ensuring your content resonates with your target audience. Optimize your content for search engines by incorporating the keywords searchers are actively using. Streamline your writing process by identifying the core topics and themes that will capture reader attention.

Transformer-based Technology

At the core of KeyEra lies the power of transformers, a revolutionary deep learning architecture. Unlike traditional methods, transformers excel at understanding complex relationships within text. This allows KeyEra to analyze your content with unparalleled accuracy, pinpointing the most relevant and impactful keywords that resonate with your target audience.

Keyword Ranking

Not all keywords are born equal. Some hold immense value due to their search volume and relevance. KeyEra prioritizes the keywords you should focus on by ranking them based on importance and search volume. This ensures you target the terms that will drive the most traffic and engagement.

Related Keyword Suggestions

Sometimes, the best keywords hide in plain sight. KeyEra goes beyond the initial extraction, uncovering additional relevant keywords you might have missed. This treasure trove of suggestions enriches your content strategy and ensures you cover all the essential bases.

Customizable Output

One size does not fit all. KeyEra empowers you to tailor the output format of your extracted keywords to suit your specific needs. Whether you prefer a simple list or a more structured format, KeyEra provides the flexibility to fit your workflow and make content creation a breeze.